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All About Maxwell's Kennel

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Maxwell's Kennel Puppies


Maxwell*s Kennel has been in existence since 1987.  We are a Show Dog Kennel and NOT a Boarding Kennel.  We only house our own dogs

Although we breed seldom, we desire to obtain the best temperament and intelligence for the particular breed of dog.  We concern ourselves with all the typical health requirements per breed: OFA of fair or better, CERF, DNA-PRA, BAER-Normal, Thyroid-Normal, PRA-Normal or Carrier plus other requirements set forth prior to breeding.  Maxwell*s Kennel strives to follow the American Kennel Club*s (AKC) standards.

All dogs from our kennel will have either a Show or Pet Contract.  We also have our prices listed below. 

If you wish to contact us, please send AN EMAIL and in the subject line type: Maxwell*s Kenne

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We are members in good standing of the following Clubs;
English Springer Spaniel Field Trial Association
Chattahoochie English Springer Spaniel Club, 
Tri-Star Kennel Club of Williamson County TN, 
and Nashville Kennel Club


Maxwell's English Setter Business Card


3-5 Days Old
-Dew claw removal
-Tail docking -Mommy Dog check-up after birthing

3-8 Weeks Old
-PRA Testing, if required
-Deworming 2 sets if done with Strigid
-First Set of Puppy Shots

About 8-9 Weeks Old
-CAER (formerly CERF) Testing
Average 10 Weeks Old
Evaluations by other breeders
Puppy Pickup

We also provide:
-Show/Pet Contracts
-Puppy Book with medical records
-Pedigree for your litter
-private group on FB for past, present, and future clients
-once per week from our home to your home videoing
-photo/videos posted on our FB site for you to download and keep if desired
-small bag of puppy food for you to take home/assist you converting to you food you choose
-An extra fee will be applied if a microchip is required and if you would like us to input the
on-line AKC registration for you.

Our Prices are co-ownership prices:
-The co-ownership price is $1800/pup.
- If you would like us to include a microchip during the first set of puppy shots, there will be an extra fee of $100.00. The fee reflects the actual costs.
- If you would like us to provide the on-line AKC registration process for you,
there will be an extra fee of $100.00 for up to 3 owners-more owners will be an extra $10.00 per person. The fee reflects the actual costs.
-We pay your taxes out of your price for you.

-We DO NOT take deposits

- A cashier’s check (guaranteed funds) or cash is required for the puppy on pick up day. Advanced payment may be made via PayPal should the client rather not bring cash with them that day.

-We require 2 references from you at the time it becomes your turn to get a pup. We need 1 non-related and 1 from your vet should you have one. If you do not have a vet yet, then we will need 2 non-related references from you.
-Our references are our clients. You are most welcomed to talk with anyone. Our vet is Toby Singleton. Her phone is 615-347-2332. You may see her here while she is providing services for us. She is a traveling vet.

Breeder Evaluations:
We breed for show dogs. SHOW HOMES ARE REQUIRED BE SHOWN. We do not breed for pet homes. However, we do not expect to place all our pups, from each litter, into the show home environment. We select the show pups via Breeder's Evaluations. Breeder’s Evaluation are when our pups are about 8-10 weeks old. Our pups shall be ranked with the top two of each sex available to show homes. This is why no one picks their pups. Also note: Because show home pups are not picked until the evaluation, some show homes may be added after the evaluation processes, thus shifting the pet-homed list as required. This is why we always ask no one to tell us what their favorite puppy is. You may not get the one you like because it may end up being pick-of-the-litter.

Both the Show and Pet will be accessible (via a link) to our clients. We will read each contract on puppy pick up day. Please, keep in mind, AKC has a Breeder’s Rule that the Breeder is responsible to keep their records up-to-date from 5 years of selling a pup. Thus, if you move during that time, please update us with your new information. For pet homed puppies, all ownership is co-owned until the Contract is met. For show homed puppies, co-ownership depends on the situation; but, is required until all health certifications are complete.

Puppy Pick-up:
, We prefer you picking up your pups from our home. We will go over the paperwork with you and answer any questions you have.
-Airport, if you have a short trip: if you fly in to get your pup and are not in the plane too long, we will meet you on the same day at the NASHVILLE Airport and do our paperwork there. You can then return on the same day. No extra fee.
-Airport, if your flight is very long: we recommend you stay over night. You could rent a car and use a hotel; however, instead, we do not mind picking you up and taking you to our home to stay one evening with us. No extra fee.
-During Special Conditions-Like During COVID 19 Conditions. We will follow the AKC Rules on these matters. Contracts and paperwork to be filled in remotely and mailed back to us prior to puppy pick up. The guarantied check shall be sent with the returned contracts or sent via PayPal. Additional info to be provided at that time. All pups shall be picked up at our home. The client shall not pet any other pups but their own. The client shall receive the pups’ paperwork and a bag of food to take with them. Our clients, with their pup, shall allow us to take a photo with them and their pup. Our home shall not be opened to our clients; however, restaurants are nearby to use.

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