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Maxwell's Kennel presents Maxwell's Meadow Farm

Maxwell*s Meadow Farm

Maxwell's English Springer Spaniels


All About Maxwell's Kennel

Past Dogs

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Our new farm sits in Middle TN area.
At present, we are clearing our farm for beef cattle and pasturing.
We have some images to share using Robinson Environmental Land Clearing
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Maxwell's Before Wood Mulching

Through the woods is our barn.

Maxwell's After Wood Mulching

After Mulching, the barn may be seen.

Maxwell's Meadow Barn

Our Barn, so it has been told,
has hosted several weddings.
According to the locals,
this barn is a historical land site.

Maxwell's Before and After Back Pasture

Our back pasture may now be seen to the back creek.

Maxwell's Before and After Front Pasture

Our Front Pasture*s tree line is cleared.

Before, After and Scaling

Our side area showing Before, After and Scaling

tornado barn

Our barn after the 08/01/2012 tornado.

Our Barn after the tornado hit it

Barn Clean up.

Building our new barn

Building our new functional barn 2012

Maxwell's Kennel Puppies


Maxwell's Kennel Puppies


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