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Watercolor Prints to Sell

I started Water coloring 07/14/2022 during my recovery after back surgery.  

To answer most questions, no, I never water colored before.  I was on a learning curve.  The paintings will be available soon for viewing/purchasing. I hope you enjoy them.


2022 Water Color Art

1. Blue Bird

2. Hummingbird

3. First Leaf

 4. Black Tree

5. Windy Fall

6. Home Grown Apples

7. Color Me Birds

8. Hug Me Please-BW ESS

9. I Woof You-LW ESS

10. Sleepy Head-LW ESS

11. Pick Me-BW ESS

12. Where The Boys Are-BW/LW ESS

13. I’m Too ... -LW ESS

14. Promises Made -LW ESS

15. Busy Izzy-LW ESS

16. Bird Watching-LW ESS

17. Mommy’s A Pillow-LW ESS

18. In His Hands-BW ESS

19. What’s On My Head?-LW ESS

20. Snowy Red Bird

21. The Fawn

22. The Mouse

23. Small Buck

24. Majestic Buck

25. These Eyes-BW ESS

26. White Buck

27. Baby’s Got a Haircut -BW ESS

28. Just A Swinging -Black capped Chickadee

29. SERIES 1: Two Good Old Souls -LW ESS

30. A Special Painting -BW ESS

31. SERIES 1: Stunning By The Lake - LW ESS

32. Trusting You - BW ESS

33. Take Me For A Walk Please - LW ESS

34. SERIES 1: Just So Precious - LW ESS

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