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Series 1 of our Fine Digital Art collection features a heartwarming three-part series showcasing two older English Springer Spaniels enjoying their retirement years together.  The collection features a unique and beautiful portrait of these two beloved English Springer Spaniels. Each piece in the series captures a different aspect of the dogs' personalities and their enduring bond with each other, making it the perfect addition to any dog lover's art collection. Our meticulous attention to detail and use of watercolors converted to digital art ensures that each piece exudes a sense of authenticity and nostalgia. Series 1 includes Two Gentle Old Souls, Stunning By the Pond and Waiting For You.  Additionally, we offer the unique option to use our own or your own photograph, given to us to own, of beloved Show and Pet Animals, Plants and Wildlife to create a custom digital art piece, guaranteeing a personal addition to your home decor. Like these, experience the timeless charm of these two majestic spaniels with Series 1 of our Fine Digital Art collection.

Series 1-Two Gentle Old Souls, Stunning By the Pond, Waiting For You

When your order is placed and pre-paid, the printing, packaging and delivery processes for your order begins. Please provide 3-7 weeks from order date to delivery. Thank you.
  • Maxwell’s Art Works is a digital art service, where you can transform your beloved Show or Pet Animals, Plants and Wildlife photographs into a stunning piece of fine digital art.   For your photographs that you own and due to your submittal to us, we will automatically have full ownership of the photograph for our use.  Please note, we do not sell one-of-a-kind prints as our digital art will be sold to many.  There are no upfront fees for this service, as the digital art will be available for purchase by multiple buyers.  Please note, not every photo submitted may be used.  We are seeking appearances and expressions that give our clients a tender moment, a cute response, an awe moment for them to say to themselves, “I want this print.”   It is our hope that you will enjoy your own art print of the photograph you submitted and will purchase one for your own. 

    When submitting the photograph, the photograph should be:
    -of high resolution no less than 1 MB disk space
    -taken in bright light to view the details
    - taken at the level of the animal, close to see details, not from above or an any angle of the animal. 
    -with a clean animal, facing forward, showing the eyes and nose in full view
    - with the show animal’s coat in a full breed standard groom.  


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