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Favorite Advertisements and Pictures 

Business Cards

Maxwell's Original Kennel LOGO, copyrighted by Debra Maxwell, Maxwell's Kennel
Maxwell's Original Kennel LOGO back side

This is the evolution of our English Springer business cards are over the years.  The original was a flip card with logo on one side and our first show dogs on the reverse. Our last card is a transparency to be used on any background.
Our English Setter business card has never changed. 
Our art work designs are all copyrighted via every piece within and for the whole.  

Favorite Advertisements

Baby Promise 8 weeks old
Promise obtain her International Title
Promise obtaining her AKC CH Title
Promise's OFFA pic

This is our second foundation girl-Promise. We have loads of magazine advertisements that we created on her. 
These are a few of my favorite ones.

Artwork of our dogs via Debra Maxwell, Maxwell's Kennel, Maxwell's English Springer Spaniels
Our van using Debra Maxwell's Artwork

We enjoy creating unusual  pieces and use them most anywhere.

Adv with Casanova for the ESSFTA cataglog
Casanova and Carrie by the Duck Pond

We grab handlers for our dogs and all have been most willing to work with us on advertisements.

Galvin, Tess and Baylee's Adv

We try our best to scale each dog with each other in their own advertisements.

Page 1 of 2 Galvin, Tess and Baylee Adv
Page 2 of Galvin, Tess and Baylee Adv
Casanova, Galvin, Tess and Baylee's Group Adv
Alton and a pile of puppies

We enjoy creating advertisements that a viewer has not seen before.  

Page 1 of 2 Casanova, Galvin and Tess Adv
Page 2 of 2 Galvin winning BIS at the CESSCGA Sweeps Adv

Depending on the cost, we squeeze as much information/photos as we can in an advertisement.

Page 1 of 2 Galvin's Adv
Page 2 of 2 Tess' Adv
Galvin's Adv
Baylee's Adv
2013 08 16 Tess in BW and Color
Even Galvin knew he won!

We enjoy creating advertisements.  It is just plain fun.  


Although, Joan Beck did this advertisement for me, it became my most favorite adv of all time.  I was not able to attend the ESSFTA Nationals that year and obtained Joan to take photos for me.  

Favorite Pics 

Adult Promise

Baby Buttercup and his littermates

Baby Lily

Baby Buttercup



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