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Maxwell’s English Springers Spaniels


The following videos are all about "Grooming Kristi."  
Susan Schrank, owner of Tropical English Springer Spaniels and co-owner of Kristi, shows us how to properly groom Kristi. 
Kristi's AKC Registered Name is Tropical's Calista Moon Stone at Maxwell's.

Maxwell's Kennel purchased Kristi on May 12, 2023 and we needed advice and help with her grooming for the show ring.
Times have changed since the previous grooming techniques and the groomer must keep up with the times.  

Susan Schrank provided her experience and knowledge with her grooming techniques.
She provided the education and I the video taping
to share with my clients on Maxwell's Puppy Tales (MPT-a private group of Maxwell's Kennel Clients). 
It was a great grooming lesson and I hope I can make Kristi look as great as Susan has. 

I hope you learn a lot from this grooming video.  I certainly did.
Thank you Susan Schrank. 


The above are the Before and After images of Kristi.
Grooming inks soon to follow.  We have 53 Videos and Images to share.
Note: I broke the videos into smaller lengths. 
This way, it does not take much time opening the videos. 
If you decide to follow along, please view them in order.  Thanks.  

Image 1-Photo of Susan
Coat Stripping Kristi

Image 22-Kristi Says
Aaarrgggh to Grooming.

Image 34 -Photo of Susan
Getting Kisses from Kristi

Image 36-Kristi Gets a Treat for Being So Good

Image 47-Susan Works on Kristi's Back End

Image 2-Video-Direction of Stripping - IMG 4391

Image 3-Video-More Stripping-IMG 4392

Image 4-Video-6 Prong Stripping Tool IMG 4393

Image 5-Video-Colors of Clothing IMG 4394

Image 6-Video-Hydraulic Table and Swirling Base IMG 4395

image 7-Video-Don't Skimp on Equipment Quality IMG 4396

Image 8-Blend the Shoulders from the Neck to the Body IMG 4397

Image 9- Blend the Shoulders from Neck to Body 2 IMG 4398

Image 10-Neck Side is Groomed IMG 4399

Image 11- Shave neck 4 fingers above the sternum bone and blend  IMG 4000

Image 12-Blending the neck into the upper neck IMG 4401

Image 13-Grooming under the ear IMG 4402

Image 14-Blending the neck IMG 4403

Image 15-Blending the Arch IMG 4404

Image 16-Blending the Head IMG 4405

Image 17- Grooming is a Science IMG 4406

Image 18-Thinning the Bulk IMG 4407

Image 19-You can sit the dog while working on the neck IMG 4408

Image 20-Blend the details IMG 4409

Image 21-Blinding rump above tail  IMG 4411

Image 49-Kristi Says Are We Done Yet?

Image 50-Kristi Says
I Look Great!

Image 52-Kristi Says
I Love My Mommy!


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