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It is always good to get a compliment.  It is especially nice to get one out of the blue.  Thank you.

From: bruce jackson <>
Date: January 18, 2022 at 1:09:45 PM CST
Cc: Bruce Jackson <>
Subject: Finally spent some time on your website

Alton and Debbie


It is fantastic! So many features you have I wouldn't mind having on my own web site.  The article outlining the difference between a show and a companion dog is an excellent feature.


Having seen your site I want the Breeder of Merit designation. I can see where there is value in having that designation and never did before. It sets you apart from other breeders. I will try to attain that certification. Any info you can share would be appreciated.


The segment where you have others giving picture "testimonials" to the dogs that they have purchased from you  or are related to your stock is another great selling point to potential shoppers looking for your breed as a companion or show dog.


A potential problem I see for me is that I have not produced a litter in 15 years. Add to that I have only successfully produced two prior litters. Looking at your site I see another thing I need is original art work (yours is excellent) I will have to find someone to create some artwork for me.        


The Maxwell site has covered every contingency from what I can see. I have work to do to get started on my own website but I want you to know  that I think yours is one of the best that I have seen.


Will talk to you again later


Permission granted from Bruce that I may post this.
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